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Review| Kiss & Tell - Ashleigh Pumps 3.0 in Nude

Recently went to a prom-like event from my university and had to buy shoes at the very last minute (a lot of things happened within that week). A friend of mine suggested these from Kiss and Tell so without much thought, I went straight to the KL Stockists (since I'm from KL).

On the prom day itself, I went to Pavilion first and it was located in Parkson Elite. Neat, because there's hardly sales there. The sales guy was friendly and he told me that the shoes are durable and the 'leather' will not come off easily. Fair enough. I told him I wanted to check with KLCC Stockist first. He was okay with it, so KLCC I went. By walking. It was hot and humid. I used a shortcut since I was in a rush. The canopy walk was unnecessarily long.

By the time I've reached KLCC, I only had a few hours left before driving home. Went into Isetan and... no one served me until I questioned a lady nearby if she's responsible for the Kiss & Tell section. She said she wasn't and that she could help. (Wow. So helpful. I stood there for over 20 minutes while you and your other colleagues were pretending not to see me.) Anyway, she went to check the stock but told me that they were sold out. Neat. There was a 10% discount too. I'm a student so of course I was all excited for it but was disappointed by the fact that they did not restock. I was there at 11:30am.... on a Saturday. They cudda restock on Friday...

Sucked it up and walked back to Pavilion again. Met the same sales guy, took the shoes and left. (I really shouldn't have walked away without checking too.) I told Kiss & Tell everything and they offered me 20% off if my instagram post was featured on their IG. Not.. so... appealing. Thanks for the offering tho.

During Prom:


My friend, the one who had suggested me these heels, told me they don't hurt but actually they do. A little bit. Blisters on the pinky toes were expected anyway. Do I look good in em? Heck yeah, look at my legs. They look fantastic. Oh. Had to cover my friend's face for his privacy. If you're interested in him do let me know huehue.


Kiss & Tell

Ashleigh Pumps 3.0 in Nude

Size 35

Outer : Synthetic suede
Inner : Synthetic lining
Bottom : Non-slip sole
Here's a bird view. 

Here's an inner side view.

Here's and outer side view.

"Heel measures approximately 4.5 inches with 1.5 inch platform"
 I didn't measure them tho but it's really, really, tall.

"Non-slip sole"
Not a fan of non-detailed bottom. The lines weren't deep enough, which could mean that slipping is easy. But then they mentioned on their website that they used non-slip sole. I wouldn't want to try on slippery floors, actually. My ankle is already unfix-able, I don't need to worsen it any further.

"Fuss-free hook buckle"
Yep, its easy to hook on but a bit hard to adjust with the strap since they are hard. Oh yeah, not sure what happened to the brass. It's either during the event or it was already like this before I purchased.

The seams.. were a bit off. I believe that they could've done better.

Same goes to another shoe.

"Cushioned inner, lined at the back"
Yeah, the my feet (the heel part) didn't feel any tension while I was wearing it. But I noticed something today. Glue stain.

Checked on other parts. Found some here.

There's a lot here.

This. This. I don't know what happened. I only saw it today. Like I said, I didn't check while I was at the stockist stall. My shoes were kept in the box while I'm not wearing so it's definitely not the dogs. Another possible reason was that it happened when I wore it during prom. I do not recall scratching it with anything. Only this shoe was affected so. 

Ugh. My heart. Sakit hati (heartache). What happened to the "they last very long" thing.. :(

Overall Opinion:
I'm thankful that my friend had given me the suggestion tho. I would legitimately panic if I couldn't find any heels to wear for the night. These heels are really pretty looking and they made my legs look schexayyyyy. I wasn't expecting it to cause so little pain as well (I had bad experience with certain heels). It was also interesting for me to buy this brand because the founder had the same issue with me, super duper small feet (I'm around size 3-5). She's also local. (This brand is local).

However, I'm not so happy with the uhhhhhhhh durability and the sole because I've spent half the price on a pair of (discounted) Lewre heels 3 years ago and they don't have similar issues like these until now. Hopefully these heels are going to last long enough because geezus krist they cost a fortune.

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Review | Paper Shoot & Paper Camera - Japan Cypress Wood Series

(unpaid review / not sponsored)

So my 21st birthday is coming up this October (solo celebrating woohoo~~) and my sister decided to purchase this for me as a birthday present. Quite an expensive choice of gift but I really, really do appreciate it a lot. 

Now the concept of non-professional cameras has been around for quite a while, mostly film cameras for adults and kids. This one though, it's not a professional camera but it uses SD cards for photo shooting. At the same time, these cameras are made with stone paper. Not papers on drugs but papers made out of eco-friendly stone papers from Taiwan. These fresh concepts are really impressive because instead of aiming at photo quality, they focused more on the environmental's benefit as well as expressing art in a whole new different way.

Paper Shoot

The cassette-tape sized cameras are eco-friendly, stylish, affordable along with a casing made out of stone paper. They used inorganic mineral powder as the main material of stone paper (innovated in Taiwan) while manufacturing without polluting the water and using gas. Not only does this saves trees but it'll also provide higher durability while being water-resistant. After a long-term solar radiation, you can dispose it without guilt as it will be naturally decomposed. Paper Shoot’s team aspires to promote forward-thinking, environmentally sustainable products. They aimed use even more eco-friendly materials to make our products in the future for the sake of the next generations. 




Let me explain my experience with this camera first.

In the beginning, this product has given me the impression that this idea is completely fresh out of the oven. Not only that it captures pictures like a regular camera, it is also sleek, eco-friendly and aesthetic, which is unlikely of DSLRs and other compact cameras. Although the strap given was kinda.... thin, I believe that I don't have the need to strap it onto my camera but it's always a good idea to provide customers with it. There's also the microSD USB cable to transfer the photos onto your computer if you're reluctant to eject the card out but meh, I'm the type who pulls it out. (wait this doesn't sound right)

Focus on the camera: the shuttle button is a bit stiff so you would need to keep your hands firm while pressing the button. The lenses are easy to attach, detach and be kept but I'm not the type to use them too. (Wah, give you free stuff but don't use, win liao lor) Ehhem. Anyway, the camera has like shockingly good resolutions and they take really good pictures but a few catches. You can't tell exactly which angle it is capturing, just like instax cameras. You also need a lot of light to keep the resolution high. Keep in mind that this isn't a DSLR.

But overall, the experience with this camera is good. It's a completely different level of fine-art. I would totally recommend this product especially for those who are seeking for presents-to-gift that are unexpected, unique and one-of-a-kind.

Let's move on to the product introduction.

Camera set includes:
Washable paper strap, Camera board, JP Cypress case, Micro USB cable, Brass Fasteners, Fisheye Lens & Wide Angle Lens, and extra fasteners (plastic)

A neck strap can be attached to the camera via the fasteners.

Camera (Assembled):

The camera has already been assembled when I received it. Not sure if you get to assemble the camera when you purchase it from the store. I actually like this design a lot because it's so urban and modest. Whether or not I'm using the words rights, what I'm trying to say is that it fits my personality damn well. Besides, I have the same preference with my dad - nature & woody.

Two screws, a hole, another hole with lens, a shuttle button

Two screws, four filters, two leds and another hole for the battery.

Left side has the micro USB slot.
Right side has a memory card slot.
( Ignore the labelled wording, correct one is [back, front] and [front, back]. )

Opening up the Case

You can simply open up the case by unscrewing the screws (with/without screwdriver. I used my fingertips and lightly twist the screws until they're loose.)

Camera (Disassembled):

Camera Board: 

I've pretty much forgotten what are the components on the circuit board but some of the obvious ones are a camera lens and a compartment slot for the SD memory card.


JP Cypress Case Board




 A fish-eye lens (larger) and a macro lens (smaller).

A metal cover to protect the inner screen of the lens when unused.

Macro Lens:

Fish Lens:

Power on

... by placing batteries into the compartment after unscrewing the metal screws. Make sure you screw them back after placing the batteries in.


Photo samples Without Lenses or Filters


*more will be uploaded*


Directions & Info


Turn On: Press and hold the shutter button, located on the front of the camera, for 3 seconds until the first LED turns blue.

Shoot: To take a photo, click the shutter button, and the second LED will then flash blue for 2 to 3 seconds. Once the beep sound and light stops flashing the photograph has been taken.

Turn Off: Press and hold the shutter button for 5 seconds until the first LED goes out. Note: PaperShoot will turn off after 90 seconds if not in use.

Photo Effects: There are four photo effects, including, Normal, Black & White, Sepia, and Blue. These can be easily changed by flicking the photo effect switch left or right to get the desired selection.






The first LED holding a continuous flash indicates a flat battery and must be replaced.
When your PaperShoot cannot turn on, this is also an indication that the battery must be replaced.Automatically shutdown or shutdown after press the shutter button.Two AAA Alkaline batteries will be required for PaperShoot, and can be accessed by unscrewing the plastic fasteners allowing the cover to be opened.

Memory Card Error

The second LED holding a continuous flash indicates the memory card is full.The absence of a memory card will also result in the right LED holding a continuous flash.Please use a standard SD memory card (up to 32 GB).

Both LED flashing: It means camera can't recognize SD card.
1. The SD is not inserted well, please remove SD and insert it again.
2. The T-flash is not inserted into the adapter.

Both LED flashing in turn: It means camera read error SD card.
1. Format the SD or try another SD under 32GB.
2. Unlock SD and re-try again.


  • Do not expose PaperShoot to any form of water, including rain, moisture, dripping or splashing.
  • Do not subject PaperShoot to excessive vibration, force, or pressure.
  • Do not attempt to repair any unit by yourself.
  • Keep small parts in a safe place and out of the reach of children under 5.

Resolution and Format

Each photo has 5,038,848 effective pixels with JPEG format. No date will be displayed on this version.

Blurry photos?

  • A dirty lens can result in dirty photos, and must therefore be cleaned if required.
  • A poorly lit environment may cause the PaperShoot to incorrectly perform the auto focus adjustment function, which can result in an unclear photo.
  • Excessive reflection of light from an object within the picture may lead to blurred photos.
  • Pictures can also blur due to vibration while taking a photo.

Where & What

They have a total of 10 collections and some accessories available from their website. If you'd like to see physical products, you can always head to Take a Shot cafe, a freaking cool place with well-light environment (thanks to the sun) that is extremely Instagram-friendly! (Food is good too.)

The prices of the cameras starts at RM300 and they probably have more than 30 designs available. I found some designs that are very suitable for majority of the cools kids these days.


That's all for this blog post!

A bit disoriented but hey, not much function available on blogger (Hey Blogger, time to do something bout this! ><)  Anyway, see y'all in the next post!


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