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Review| NYX Powder Puff Lippie in Puppy Love (PPL02)


Powder Puff Lippie (Lip Cream) in Puppy Love [PPL02]
RM38 | 12ml / 0.4 fl. oz.

I had the privilege to be a VVIP to participate the event of NYX Professional Makeup's Third Store Opening Ceremony in Sunway Pyramid on the 1st of February and they were so generous because they gave discounts the first 200+ customers! This one here is one of the products that I've gotten and do check out my haul at the bottom of this post!

NYX said: "Pucker up and powder your pout! Featuring a pillowy cushion-applicator, our new Powder Puff Lippie Powder Lip Cream goes on mousse-y and sets to a powdery soft finish. Achieve a flush of color in eight vibrant shades—from warm peach to true red, and hot pink to cool plum—for an irresistible, just-kissed look."

This lippie is a 12ml product that has a sleek body and matte packaging. It's actually pretty nice to hold it hahahha

The colour is in PPL02 aka Puppy Love or Amore D'Adolescent in French ahaha. I really do love this name especially in French. It fits this color so dang welllllll!

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Take a Look | NYX Professional Makeup 3rd Store Opening Ceremony

 1st February 2018

G1.80, Sunway Pyramid 

It was an exciting day because I was invited to be one of the VVIPs during this opening ceremony and we get a exclusive pass to enter the store before everyone else! Well, aside from Premium Guests of course :> They made this store 'happen.'

Many people had gathered around the front-step of the store, waiting to be allowed to enter the store.

At 10am, we were anticipating to enter the store and the MC was hyping us out! But before entering, I was bedazzled by the sight of NYX crew. Look at the one with the blue lips who had that Ruby Rose vibe! And another one with Patrick Starr feel! ERMERGERD.

At 10am, everyone was so excited and rushed into the store. However, only VVIPs/bloggers were allowed to enter first, before everyone else.

While having their opening ceremony, NYX is also celebrating the launch of their Mochi series along with some lucky draw prizes underneath the table.

Love You So Mochi Highlight Palette

Arcade Glam (Cool Tones) // Lit Life (Warm Tones)
3 duo-chromatic highlighters in each palette for that lit-from-within glow!

 From here, you can see Candace swatching the Lit Life on the back of her hands.

Love You So Mochi Eyeshadow Palette

Sleek and Chic in Peach/Neutral undertones
10 plush, pigment-packed shadows with lightweight, shimmery and matte finishes

Ridley was swatching on the back of her palm. It's not obvious here but they are extremely glittery and the third color on the bottom row was everyone's favorite! You must really have a swatch if you get a chance to visit their store.

On the right side of the store, there's a special section for them butter lippies. I personally love the orange tones (BLS10) and the soft pink (BLS21) from this series. They are non-drying and has a very nice color formula that's suitable for any occasion. Sadly, they don't have BLS21 available instore :/ So I've got the substitute: BLS06.

Here's some pictures of the Lippie section before it was completely surrounded by lippie fans. Just this is enough for eyegasm omg.

NYX also has TOP 10 Faves available for you in case you're not sure what's their bestseller.

Look out underneath the counters too! You wouldn't know what sort of gem you can find underneath that glass surface.

Over here, we have em eye makeup section on the inner-left side of the store. Everything about eye makeup is here, like eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner, brow pencil, browcara, brow gel, etc etc.

It was kinda hard to take more pictures during the event but these are what I could manage to take. The entire store was superbly crowded by makeup lovers and the line at the cashier was pretty long. We had a bunch of fun swatching products and sharing tips with each other. It was really an enjoyable event. Hopefully there's more of these!

In the meantime, here's a picture of me and da beauts Candace.

Over here we have da flawless skinned Ridley too (I'm jealous of her skin uhuhu)

That's the end of this post!

Check out my haul!

[Freebie lippie from the event is a Soft Matte Lip Cream in the color of Barcelona.]

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Review| Lensme Korea - QLO in Grey

I've recently found out about a very interesting pair of lenses from Korea and I couldn't stop myself from thinking about them. I went around the internet to find a way to get em and oh my lord they looks so amazing on in the official photos. I've also figured out that it was difficult to purchase online since the sources may not be reliable. Eventually I managed to find a way to get them (huehue sankius my sayang bestie).

 Enough admiring >w< Let's just straight into reviewing!

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Review| Mary Kay Skinvigorate Cleansing Brush

I've always wanted a brush especially my pores are easily clogged by unwanted sebum and dusts from exposing to terrible city air here in Kuala Lumpur. Clog pores are also worse when my eczema hits because I would need to make sure my skin is extra clean so that it wouldn't irritate my skin any further. I had a friend who joined Mary Kay recommended me this brush and I was so tempted because the price isn't as expensive as what Sephora has in store. So I paid RM200 and gave it a try.

Skinvigorate Cleansing Brush

Boxed set includes two brush heads, two batteries and a manual.

Mary Kay said:

"This lightweight, two-speed power brush gently massages as it
 thoroughly cleans skin, removing residue, dirt and makeup in seconds."

  • Removes makeup 85% better than cleansing by hand.*
  • (*Results based on a one-day controlled clinical study.)
  • Boosts the absorption of your next skin care step.
  • Starts improving skin’s appearance immediately.
  • Helps polish away the look of past skin damage for a more even-looking complexion.
  • Softens the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Two Spin Speeds
"Two spin speeds allow you to customize your experience. Just a push of a button switches from a lower speed to a higher one, reaching over 400 rotations per minute. Both speeds provide gentle massaging yet deep cleansing that’s suitable for daily use on all skin types, even sensitive skin and acne-prone skin."

Unique Design
"The nylon bristles of the brush head feature polished tips with rounded ends so they feel super-soft against your skin. Gently exfoliates and helps improve skin texture without being abrasive to skin. 
Unique angled design hugs the contours of your face to help thoroughly clean."

Easy to Use
"Take it wherever you go. Waterproof: Use at the sink, in the shower or in the bath. The two brush heads included provide six months of skin pampering when used every day."

They provided a manual which is simple and easily understood.

Here's how the brush cleanser looks like:

The machine it self has a very sleek and simple look.
Nothing too complicated here. There are just a spinner head, a spin button, a power button and a battery port at the bottom of the brush cleanser.

The back of this device looks very clean too.
The texture of the device feels smooth and it doesn't feels like the kind of material that will break off easily. That is, of  course if you don't drop it on the floor.

The batter port cap is actually very difficult to open, in fact, I would suggest you to be extra careful when you're trying to change the batteries because they might fly off.

Two brush heads will be included in the box set.
If you need to change brush heads, a pack of two will cost you about RM56.
(That is, if they didn't increase the price haha [as of 16th April 2017])

Apparently what Mary Kay said was, two of these will last you about six months.
So, one year you will be spending around RM112 on Mary Kay.
Smart tactic, Mary Kay. I'm impressed with this marketing plan.

[After using for 9 months]
Now I find the brush pretty handy when you're a lazy person like I am. It generates foam fairly well and seems to have made things easier for me. However, I prefer using it less frequently when my eczema is triggered. Not that the bristles hurt my face -surprisingly it does-, but I find that my skin tends to scrap off easier during my eczema phase, which may happen even more easier with the brush. Other than that, I'm pretty satisfied with the results after using it every single time. 

The brush is affordable and has simple settings (i.e.: normal, fast) which are sufficient enough to cleanse one's skin efficiently. If you do fancy a cleansing brush but couldn't afford the higher-up brands from Sephora or you don't like the idea of bringing your expensive brush whenever you travel to different places, this is actually not bad of a choice/substitute too.

That's all for this post!
Check out my other blog posts too :)

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Review| Sugao Airfit DD Cream

スガオ エアーフィット DDクリーム ピュアオークル(自然な肌色)

1479 JP‎¥

Product description:

With high UV cut effect (SPF 50 + / PA ++++) it protects the skin from ultraviolet rays reaching the back of the skin and finishes the skin brightly. Comfortable feeling of souffle feeling with air fit prescription. It is thin enough to forget to make up. It blends tone change powder and makes the skin look bright with your light. It covers naturally the irregularities of the pores with the soft focus effect. Finish to a natural beautiful skin full of transparency.

Sun protection, + makeup foundation + foundation + finishing powder

 No fragrance, alcohol (ethanol) free
● Patch tested (Certain users may still feel irritation)
 Maximum UV cut of SPF 50 + PA ++++ (within the SUGAO series), fluffy light attachment comfort Fande cuts blue light as well
● Pure ocher (natural skin color)
● What is DD - It is "Deep Defence". It protects the skin brightly while protecting it from ultraviolet light reaching the back of the skin with high UV cut effect.


After preparing your skin with toner, lotion or milky lotion, take an appropriate amount and spread gently and gently over the face. Due to the nature of the product , transparent liquid may come out, please use after discarding the liquid.

I believe that Watson's is currently not selling it? (Please let me know if they do) I found it in a drugstore only a few left as compared to other products so I grabbed one without thinking hehe

The size is smaller than my usual makeup foundation products and it is considered to be at the higher end too, a little bit more pricier than what I would go for. 

The tip is just as any typical product packaging of the similar application.

The product is a little bit hard to squeeze out but not to the point where it felt like hardened acrylic paint. The creamy textured foundation might give people the wrong impression that it is very thick and heavy.

But it is actually very easy to spread it out. Extraordinarily easier than any foundation, bb cream or sunscreens. They're being accurate for naming it AirFit too.


Notice the redness and one other flaws.


Notice the lessened redness and other flaws.

So what's the verdict?
This product is surprisingly very good and worth the price. The finishing is so natural and I've never seen anything like this before! The coverage is not very high but it does cover up until certain levels. People with severe blemishes or flaws may want to cover with concealer if they prefer so. It does not feel sticky on the skin as foundation does. Even better, it doesn't feel like I'm actually wearing any makeup foundation too. Touching my face, I would say that it feels like a velvety-finish rather than satin.

You don't need a lot of the product to reach the optimal result. The amount that I squeezed out was enough for the entire face and there's a little bit excess. Normally with my Fenty foundation, my face looks very different my neck and it's obvious. But with this product, it's actually hard to see the colour difference, I.e.: this product blends into your skin tone very well.

I'm also have eczema skin but this product works well for me. Do note that Sugao still warns the possibility of irritation for certain people so do not continue if your skin feels irritation after usage.

I am typically not easily impressed but this product had taken me by surprise. However, before they plan to sell it here in Malaysia (again, correct me if I'm wrong hehe), I plan to use as little as possible :3

Will I buy it again?

Other reviews coming soon!

Total haul: 16785 JP¥

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