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Korea 2019| Airbnb at Mary House's White Room (Cats!)

*Disclaimer: The building of the Airbnb will not be photographed for privacy purposes. The photos of the house were already available on the Airbnb for references so it was assumed that my photos are allowed. The surroundings of the neighbourhood are not immediately next to the building and photos were taken for references to know where and how to go to the Airbnb and/or other places.

Mary's House - White Room

Superhost & Accredited by Government
Languages: English, Korean, Mandarin
One room for 2 guests | Hosts: Jay & wife
Check-in: 3PM - 12AM (midnight) | Checkout: 11AM

Who is Mary/Ma-ri?

This is Mary.

A cute fluffy cat who was abandoned in the streets and then adopted by the couple (hosts). She may be betrayed by humans before but she loves sticking around with everyone. However, when she's pissy and/or mean, she's really, really pissy/mean. Mary also has two siblings.

More cat photos later! Let me introduce this place first.

Location: Jeongneungcheondong-ro, Dongdaemun-gu
This is a very quiet and non-problematic neighbourhood. It's very, very quiet and maybe a bit eerie at night especially sometimes with a few drunk men around. It's better if you have a companion with you just to keep it safe.

Transport: Jegi Station
If I'm not mistaken, all of the nearby stations are named Jegi Station. The closest subway station exits are the Exit 1 (about 10-20mins) and Exit 2 (about 8-15mins). 

When you have arrived, you can stop at the Jegi Station Exit 1 (below) to wait for the host as he will be fetching you to his place. (Note: He will not fetch you to the station during your departure from his place.) It's important to remember this exit because it's the only nearby exit that has an elevator. The other exits only have stairs and very rarely do subway exits have an escalator.

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Take a Look + Review| Signature Market - A Brand New Phase

I got invited to experience the launch of Signature Market's new rebranding launch. I thought it was one of those really typical launches but the event itself was well-prepared and well-thought-out.

Signature Market

A Brand New Phase

20th July 2019 | 2:30pm - 4:30pm
Majapahit @ Marc Residence, KLCC

Once I've entered the restaurant, the aesthetic hit me. It was a really calming place, full of sunlight and it feels very comfortable during the day. This place might even feel more alive at night with people coming in for a couple of drinks and a few groups of people partying in closed rooms.

There were also catering food trays laid neatly on long tables. A foodie like me got really excited because I didn't know lunch was actually offered. Typically, a normal launch only provides little refresher but Signature Market and Majapahit went all out.  

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Review | Em Cosmetics True Gloss [ALL] and Black Illustrative Eyeliners [Brush, Felt, Gel]

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored blog post or are these purchased. These are gifted as a Giveaway gift and even so, I still had some bad experiences with them but this blog post will remain bias-less just the way I want my blog to be.

Yo. I waited for these items for 3 months and more. It was a long wait with lots of following ups but I finally got it. There's also one item missing because apparently "it's out of stock and it's not important to include it into the parcel since it's just a giveaway."

Heads up: If you stay in Malaysia, China, France, Russia or Spain, don't even bother thinking about buying it because they literally said they won't ship it there. They were reluctant to send me my gifts after knowing I'm from Malaysia but hey, they wrote in their IG Giveaway post that it's open to all the international participants. Not my fault there.

Even if you're not within the list, you might still want to double consider before purchasing because they're -apparently- not liable for anything including lost/damaged packages caused by shipping carriers because they're only responsible until your parcel leaves their warehouse facility. This was stated on their website.

Upon receiving

I got a giant box that ships internationally within 3 working days (aka super expensive shipping fee) and it was very light. I do believe that this size was not necessary since the items were all smaller products.

When I opened it, the products were all underneath the box without bubble wrap... What happens if anything is broken eh? I'm concerned because this is a giveaway parcel, not a PR package or ordered parcel. PIC probably wasn't thinking much when she instructed someone to pack this parcel... While I was panicking, I opened up all the products and -wew- they dusty.

Every lippie coming out of the box was covered in white dust, which worries me even more because what if this is an old stock??


There was no expiry date or manufacturing date available on the packaging as well. I personally dislike it when companies do not print the dates on the packaging because I need to know when these are made.

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Korea 2019| Dongdaemun (DDP, Doota Duty Free Mall, Hyundai City Outlet, Gongcha)

Dongdaemun Design Plaza
(동대문디자인플라자; DDP)

281, Eulji-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul
Tuesday-Sunday 10:00-19:00
+82-2-2153-0000 | Website

I don't know how come we stopped so far but if you want to go to DDP, you can stop via the station below: 


Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station
(Seoul Subway Line 2, 4 ,5) and Exit 1.

On the outside, you can also stop by a cafe for a quick coffee session.

As you walk closer, you will start to see more weird things.

First of, the shape of the building and the "bridge" behind. 
Then, the statue:

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Korea 2019| Gangnam [Egg Drop, KAKAO Friends, Artbox (small visit), Chicor]

Gangnam is a very busy place but I heard it's also a boujee area. I suppose it gives me the Damansara Uptown vibe where buildings still can be old but they sell really expensive things or you might be able to discover a cool store by accident.

Take this for example of cool store discovery:

Egg Drop

This is like, the best sandwich I've ever eaten. Like seriously, you must try their sandwiches. Oh gosh, I'm feeling so hungry right now, especially when I think back of how it's crispy on the outside but soft on the inside in a very. very good way. The sauces were amazing too. The garlic butter bread though. *Cough* Anyway, if you want to know more about this place, see their menu and know what they offer, just click the link below.

More photos of what they sell available in this blog post:

KAKAO friends! Who knew a not-so-hyped-bout-Korean-stuff person would actually fall in love with these cute characters when I walked into this store! The feeling is so different from LINE, where everything is so overwhelming. Over here, I felt comfortable and young again, as if I'm back to my childhood years but feeling better because of these cute things!

More photos of what they sell available in this blog post:

Next up: Mini visit to another Artbox store.
This is a smaller one than the one from Ewha.


It still has most of the essential items here.

Still got a lot of stuff to look at.

Then there are these!!!!! That overly-crazy bear and the Esther bunny makeup bags!
So cute! Almost wanted to buy them but I already have too many makeup bags.

Around the block, you will also see Chicor, which I would like to call it Korea's Sephora.


Seriously, it gives the same feeling but instead of focusing on western products, they focus on their own local brands, which is amazing. You can also purchase Peach C products here.

They had a second floor which Sephora Malaysia could never (yet). I really need out Sephora stores to up their brand games, like give me more brands please, I'm bored already.

Also, this place has an elevator. Convenient!

The first floor has most of the makeup products and beauty tools.
Look at the amount of shelves.

The second level has most of the skincare, body care, nail care, perfume and a beauty rookie section for those who are new to makeup, want basic makeup and trying the products.

I swear the amount of brands is insane. I didn't do any homework so I didn't know what brand does what or sells what.

They also have a place for you to try their body wash. Besides, the staff will always, like always, keep it clean and dry. They are professional like that.

The lower right photo is the Beauty Rookie section. 

You can try playing with makeup here or even ask the staffs to help out. By the way, Peach C is right here.

So yeh, my Gangnam trip is a very short one. It took mostly half a day worth of activities here but I think we kinda just let the time pass by us while we enjoyed some of the things in Gangnam, mainly the sandwich. It's really amazing.

That's all for this post!
Do check out my other posts!
You may find them helpful :D

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