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Foodie | Miru Dessert is my happy heaven. I'm serious.

Miru Dessert Cafe

Halal: Yes | More information below

This is not a one-time visit review but a minimum of 15 visits entry because I love them so much and it's time I share my love with you all.

Quite honestly, I've lost count of the exact amount of times that I've visited Miru but I'm very certain with 14 visits through my IG story archives along with 1 visit prior to that (I went there with my sisters only once and that was memorable). There are other visits that I've been there but not recorded so I really can't track it down. 

Bear with me a little bit on the photo quality. I swear it will get better as you scroll because I changed to a new phone at a certain point. I'll also describe to you how they taste as we go along.

Most Important Day

It's also the first entry I can find in my IG story archive. On 8th of August 2018, me and my boyfie visited Miru's Damansara Uptown branch after a good meal in Bangsar. It was the day we officially confirm our relationship so it was a really, really big day for us. 

We ordered the most amazing Chocolate Lava Cake along with a Strawberry Cheesecake Kakigori to sweeten up with some fruity flavours. The Chocolate Lava Cake is baked with the crispy outside but super moist and gooey inside, matching with sliced strawberry. It's a perfect pair. You get to eat amazing brownie textured chocolate dessert while covering the strawberry with the leaking chocolate from the cake. They also give you a scoop of vanilla ice cream to go with it but I'm not a fan with the pairing. The Strawberry Cheesecake Kakigori on the other hand, it was dripping in strawberry sauce and some strawberry cuts on the top and within the shaved ice. Inside the shaved ice, you will also find actual cheesecake which tasted so amazing! It's the solid type of cheesecake but it melts in your mouth easily. Then, we also ordered Royal Milk Tea for him while I got myself Mango Smoothie. He loved the Royal Milk Tea so much that we kept ordering it in our future visits.

16th September 2018

Yes, we kept ordering chocolate lava cake until we tried the Shibuya honey toast from our birthday freebie treat by Miru! We both signed up for the membership and we get birthday treats along with the after-signup welcome gift. I redeemed first since my birthday is earlier than his. 

The Shibuya Honey Toast has a very crispy outer layer which felt like a layer of roasted sugar on top of creme brulee. The inside of the toast is very soft and buttery. The toast was paired with two scoops of vanilla ice cream and whip cream too. When you pour the syrup over the toast, it makes the toast even better. I know that people who don't like sweetness wouldn't prefer going for the syrup but hey, try a little bit first. On the side note, while I really like sweet things, over pouring the syrup might give you immediate diabetes. Just pour a few drops over and it'll be enough.

Miru Membership

Speaking of membership, if you want to be part of their membership program, here's how it works.

1. Download the app call POKET from your app store.
2. Search for Miru from the Merchant section
3. Sign up for it

What you can get:
Welcome coupon, Birthday Freebie (Shibuya Honey Toast) and more discounts if you rank up.

Currently, I'm at the second rank, Platinum (there are 3 ranks in total) and I can enjoy 10% discount and I can also redeem items from the menu with points. One confusing thing tho, it says that it's a Lifetime thing but I also need to renew it by spending another RM250? That amount didn't change since my last transaction, by the way. I noticed it before payment and it still looked the same after payment. But ngeh, it's okay. I'll get some clarification from the staff another day and if I'm supposed to renew it, I'll happily spend another RM250 for it. I love them like that.

21st October 2018

Anyway, back to our food adventure with Miru, we loved the toast so much that I ordered it again on another occasion. On 21th October, we were willing to pay for another round. The mango smoothie was just for me to quench some thirst and cool me down after walking for a long period of time.

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Foodie | Humble Nana, Bangsar South - Teriyaki Chicken Rice

Humble Nana

Daily 11am-10pm | 03-2242 0898 | Facebook
UG-08, Level UG,  The Sphere, Bangsar South City, Jalan Kerinchi, Kuala Lumpur.

This store is very new and it's located behind the building. It's somewhere near family mart and it's right next to Barcook Bakery Store. They have a very cool aesthetic in the store and it's very clean. They tend to be very quick with their services but with about 5 staffs, it might take a little while for them to get to you. The staffs do not look local to me (they look a little bit like Thai?) but they are very nice. 

It's a Japanese fusion store and most of the things are very much Japanese mixed with Malaysian style but they don't seem to sound very odd. I honestly wanted to try the other items but the pricing is not within my budget so I'll just come by occasionally instead of every week. Oh, they also have outdoor seating if you want. Both inside and outside feels the same, honestly.


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Take A Look & Review| Althea A'bloom Launch and Review

Althea's A'Bloom launch was hosted on a Saturday afternoon (20th April 2019) at Softsrve Ice Cream, Dessert & Balloon Bar and it was their very first physical launching party with quite many attendances (30-60 people if I'm not mistaken). The theme, which was quite obvious, was pink! Everything during the event was matched nicely with pink colour as well. 

Aside from the "main characters," Althea had also set up stations and booths for everyone who had not tried their other products to try and understand them better by giving a real-life testing experience.

On the display table, there are two sets of items for almost every product. You can see their rose body mist, Real Fresh Skin Detox, cleansing oil, sunblock and bubbling milk mask on their displaying table. If you are curious about these products, you can read them up from my blog posts to know more about them as Althea doesn't have a physical store for you to trial and test. 

If you are a new user, you can get a discount with my referral link!

They also have their very new Waterful Green Bamboo Pads and their Calming Cream products, which works amazingly with sensitive and dehydrated skin (aka my skin too).

In the meantime, they also had photographers on the day to take pictures of the event and us! :D


Food makes everything better, so having to work with Softsrve was actually a pretty good idea. They have certain items on the menu for the day, such as lychee ice cream, charcoal waffles, watermelon soda and lemon soda to fit the theme of A'bloom's new products.

Every one of us has a redeem card and while I'd love to redeem everything, I just had a heavy lunch before going to the event. However, someone ordered the waffle though and they said it was actually good (very filling as well).

Well, I couldn't eat the waffle but I could definitely eat the ice cream! It was lychee mixed with vanilla flavour and the combination is actually good. Lychee is actually not my go-to flavour but after this, I think I could give it a "go" whenever I see it. I've tried Softsrve's mango ice creams and they are amazing as well.

We also ordered soda. I had lemon soda whilst the girls have watermelon soda. They taste just nice without being too sweet. Quite refreshing too especially when it was a hot and humid day, following rain during one of the hours when we were there.

Althea also had other food prepared for us and they look yummy but I really couldn't find a space in my tummy to try them. My lunch was really heavy. 

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Review| JOUI Premium Sanitary Pads - Joy of Using It

Joy of Using It

Premium Sanitary Pads

JOUI invited me to try out their premium sanitary pads and wanted me to tell you that they are about to launch real soon. They also have a launching event which will be mentioned at the end of this blog post. Do read up what sorts of pads these are and maybe you'll want to join the event even more.

Liner pads are part of my essentials now. I know that there are reusable ones out there but honestly, I don't have a lot of time to deal with the bloodstains every single day. Blood stains aren't easy to get rid of, is what I've learned from over a decade of bleeding from my southern area. I generally use liner pads because I have spotting from using hormonal items, which is a normal side effect but it tends to get a little annoying when I stain my underwear on the day I thought I wouldn't have any spotting. That's why, right now, I'm wearing it every day.

I'm still unsure why sanitary pads are still a taboo in the society but right here in my territory, it is not. However, while I'm very open about using them on a daily basis, I would still feel a little shy to wave my pads around people who aren't my family members or my boyfriend since it's such an obvious packaging. It's just something about the packaging that kinda associates with being shamed by my peers back when I was 12 and they didn't know better. Not to mention how society reacts to it. Ugh.

At this point though, having to use sanitary pads that don't look like one can really ease my mind in which is what JOUI is offering. If anything, they look like biscuits in packets or powdered drinks that you have to mix with water before drinking. The premium packaging allows you to bring it around, even waving it around strangers or in front of your colleague and their first guess will never be "sanitary pads." They will never know.... until they get closer or open up the packet of course. Not to mention, the packaging also acts as a disposable bag for the used pads, which can be very helpful because imagine changing pads in someone else's house or in the office washroom and your used pads are just so obvious in the trash bin.

For me, clean pads are fine but I'm kinda embarrassed about used pads. I mean, wouldn't anyone feel totally okay with a clean tissue but is grossed out by used tissue? That's how I feel about it. Hence, this is why JOUI comes in real handy.

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