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Review | Colourpop Whatever Palette & Lashes (Mami, Queenie, Ms.)

Hollie Cow, I bought these before the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Conspiracy Palette but I haven’t gotten the motivation to complete this review until now. I’m pretty glad I took the time to relax for a bit though because I actually enjoy these new photos that I have taken. I was actually having trouble to be “creating” contents for a while. I don’t know, I felt very lethargic even though it doesn’t seem like I was doing much.

Anyway, this haul is a self-purchased batch and it was made immediately after the lashes were released back in November 2019. I purchased two palettes because I wanted to gift one to my friend and it felt very much like her vibe in terms of the colour story. She loved the colour shade names too, which is great :D

Shopping tips: Occasionally, there would be 10%-20% sale and you can always search for influencer codes to purchase on Colourpop. In a not-so-rare occasion, Colourpop would even go as far as having a 30% sale!

A great reminder that all of the Colourpop products are meant to be cruelty-free and vegan! Unless they have special formulas but I never heard of them going off the cruelty-free and vegan route before, so it probably would not happen at all.

Let’s quickly walk through the minor products before we head straight into the palettes. In this haul, I purchased 3 pressed powder shadows which one of them was released in the same batch as the Whatever palette. I also got a small casing for the eyeshadows. At the same time, Colourpop felt that they were shipping the products out late so they gifted me a lip gloss which is (luckily) a pretty colour.

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Review | LensMe Cocktail Orange Sherbet




This blog post is absolutely not sponsored (of course I would love to be sponsored *wink wink*) I actually bought 17 pairs of lenses while I was in Korea and you can check out my full haul here. I also enjoy making blog posts about contact lenses which you can check it out here.


칵테일 오렌지셔벗

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Review| Jeffree Star x Shane Dawson Conspiracy Palette

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaas! Your girl got herself a CONSPIRACY PALETTE. It wasn’t easy to get it. I was already waiting at the site by 9:58am PST (11:58pm Malaysia time) on the launching day and the website crashed even by then. Then, I’ve lined up for 2 hours and got kicked out [twice]. After that, I tried it again [twice] but when I get to the check out point, I couldn’t order the bundle and the remaining item in my cart was a single Conspiracy Palettes that was for my friend.

Luckily, I used my phone to queue up as well. So I get to order 2 palettes but separately, which means I have to pay for $10 shipping fee twice side from the $52 for each palette. Around 3pm PST (5am Malaysia Time), the majority of the items were already sold out. The palettes and mirrors were definitely gone. I went to sleep and woke up to see an Instagram post from JSC that the whole collection has been sold out!

Honestly, I should have ordered from MORPHE AU site when I could but my dumb ass took my time to shop for eyelashes (I’m obsessed). It was sold out by the time I’ve decided to check out. That’s why I had to purchase from the Jeffree Star Cosmetics instead. Shipped them to the Ezbuy warehouse and worried about it from 1st of November until 1st of December. Got my parcel delivered by a very nice Ninja Van rider and I quickly opened it to see if there are any broken pieces. There are no defects! *sigh of relief* It’s great to know that my approximately RM300 (palette + shipping + delivery + exchange rate) was not thrown into the sea for nothing. It was a bet to use Ezbuy for the shipment though. Alright, now that we have the palette, let’s take a closer look into it.

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Review | O-lens Caribe 3con Pink

Korea (₩15,000) | Global ($19.00)
Buy 1 Free 1 promo all year round
Could come with free casing and free solution

“Caribe pink’s lovely pink will uplift your mood. Its soft circle line gives its wearer cute, sweet and classy look. This is made out of silicone hydrogel that provides a high level of UV protection and superior comfort all day long.”

I freakishly love colour lenses and when I first purchased these, I was immediately in love! The differences between O-len’s quality and locally-available brand’s quality is very significant. I can wear O-lens the whole day without feeling dry, irritated or have blurry visions. It doesn’t even felt like I had contact lenses on my eyes! The locally-available brands do the exact opposite, which I really dislike.

My first purchase was from their Global site where I bought 2 pairs of Blossom Pink and 2 pairs of Caribe Pink. That got me so hooked up that, when I visited Korea, I purchased 12 pairs from O-lens which could last me for a good 18 months!

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In NeutrogenaSquad Review Skin Care ZoelieWho

Review | Neutrogena® Deep Clean® Foaming Cleanser

This is the first pure glycerin-based foam cleanser that removes up to 99.9% of dirt and impurities, such as PM 2.5.

Neutrogena aims to give you back the nourishing glow to your skin whilst remaining non-comedogenic and oil-free. It gathers a rich and creamy foam that reaches deep into your pores to remove impurities such as dirt, excess oil and dead skin cell. It is also dermatologist-tested (read more).

Neutrogena® Deep Clean® Foaming Cleanser

100g | RM 20.00- RM 25.50

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Review | Althea Brow Wow Brow Pencils (All Colours)

Althea launched their very new eyebrow pencils last month and these are the first brow pencils they have made. During The Butterfly Project Coachella party, I was given a set of 3 (one colour each) and I also happened to try it out on the spot. For some reasons, the product stood out from all the other brow pencils I had. I think it’s because of the sleek packaging and the illustration used. Majority of other brands wouldn’t seem to have put much effort into brow products.

Althea A’Bloom Brow Wow Eyebrow Pencil (0.18g | RM15) is currently on promo with RM11 each and you can buy 2 free 1 with the promo code BROW2WOW1. They will also have a pop-up store with an exchanging event in their office building from 23rd – 25th Oct (10am – 6pm). If you bring an old eyebrow pencil (any brand), you can exchange a new Brow Wow pencil of any colour you like. This only applies for the first 50 exchanges.

Features (4)

1. Gel-to-powder formula
2-in1 gel to powder formula: Rich pigmentation in a gel formula that glides onto the brows, setting into a natural powder finish.

2. Precision Tip
A 3D tapered triangular (drop-shaped) tip to effortlessly shape and fill in your brows. Precise expert application.

3. Long-lasting, triple-proof formula
Water, oil and sweat-proof to keep your brows looking good all day. Porous powder and vegetable wax prevents smudging or fading to keep brows in place all day. The porous powder will absorb and reduce sebum oil whilst the vegetable wax protects the applied product against water and sweat.

4. 2-in-1 Applicators
A combination of brow pencil and brow brush to boosts up your makeup routine convenience. No need to bring extra brow brushes whenever you travel.

Colours & Swatches

How to Choose The Right Colour

In order to choose the correct brow pencil colour, you have to think more than just your brow hair. You will need to think about your hair colour as well. If you asked me, I think my preferred colour is Grey Brown. My hair can look light brown under the sun but I’m usually not. On top of that, the colour on my root always looks darker even though I’ve never dyed anywhere above my ears. My brow hair is also darker than my hair so it’s better to use something similar to that.

I have swatched the product on my wrist and on the art paper so that you can see early of how the colour payoff looks like. The right-half is after brushing it out with the spoolie.

How to Use

Draft a shape on your brows, fill in any gaps/sparse area and blend with a spoolie. **Recommended to complete all within 1 minute.

Tips: Prolong its long-lasting duration by setting with a powder. Althea’s Petal Velvet Powder is a great choice.


This product is absolutely easy to use. Not only that the pigments are strong, but the product is also easily glided on the skin. Although, when you first opened the product, I would suggest you swipe a few times on your hand to smooth out the edges first. This is because the newly-opened (aka unused) product tends to have sharper edges. However, after one time of doing so, you don’t need to do that in the future.

I love that it’s really precise and easily controlled as well. This can be hard to achieve when the tip is too large or too tough. That being said, I think the size of the brow pencil tip is just right, with the right thickness and toughness. It does not break easily and I get to use my own hand-strength without worrying (I tend to be very rough with drawing things). But of course, if you are challenging me about this by having the brow pencil ‘lead’ sticking out way too long, you’ll need to go back to science class. Anyone knows that longer yet thinner items break easily than the items with the same thickness but shorter length.


I’ve had so many eyebrow products that are within the same price range (RM13-16), it always goes back to the same brands and the same items. It’s either the Etude House Draw My Brows pencils or Witch’s Pouch Selfie Eyebrow pencils. I tried Innisfree’s on the spot and I wasn’t happy with the fact that it is harder and it has lesser grams than Etude House.

Etude House’s is easy to draw on but it’s not precise enough. It makes a messy scene. On top of that, it will fade off quicker than Witch’s Pouch. Then, Witch’s Pouch is great because they also included a refill within the packaging and the colour payoff is amazing and precise. However, the downside is that the brow ‘leads’ hardens overtime at a very quick speed. Due to that, the ‘leads’ will also break off the holder very easily.

In my opinion, I feel that Althea’s Brow Wow is like the best of both worlds.

That will be all for this review! I hope you have enjoyed some nice visuals of my brows (and my contact lens; blog post coming soon. Hi, How Are Ya?). Come back for another blog post soon! I’ll see ya then ;)

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Review | Swanicoco Fermentation Peptine Eye Care Cream (Tube)

Not long ago, Swanicoco had sent me an eye cream for reviewing and the packaging itself, albeit simple but it gives very minimum carbon-footprint to the environment which is very suiting of the company’s style.

By the way, before we start, if you’re interested in purchasing Swanicoco products, just use my code: Zoelie20, for a 20% discount!
*Only on normal priced items, valid till end of October.

Fermentation Peptine Eye Care Cream (Tube)

20ml | RM 267.70

Swanicoco said:
“Swanicoco’s Fermentation Peptine Eye Care Cream is a symphony of nature and science, providing you with the gentlest yet effective eye care.

The special fermentation process breaks down these ingredients further, allowing it to penetrate easily deep into your skin, effectively nourishing and moisturizing your delicate skin around the eyes. A highly effective product in reducing wrinkles around the eyes and keeping the signs of ageing at bay.”

This product has a warranty for 14 days.

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Take a Look + Review| Belgische Chocolatier

Belgische Chocolatier, 163 Mont Kiara

10:00 AM - 10:00 PM | (+603) 64125175 | Facebook | Instagram | Website
1F-16, 163 Retail Park, Mont Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur

A little story about Belgische Chocolatier. This store is a brainchild of Ramon and Devan (aka the Chocolate Brothers; in the second picture below) that they have envisioned during their long drives with their BMW Gang.

On the 25th of August, the Belgische Chocolatier had organized a party between 3pm to 6pm for the Butterfly Project bloggers/IG-ers to try out their chocolates.

The Chocolate Brothers had also briefly explained to us that they intend to introduce their customers to the best of unadulterated Belgian dark, milk and white chocolate with really innovative ways to serve them. (Pssst: They are also thinking about getting ruby chocolates to their store!) Here are a few specials:

  1. Chocolate shots. Guaranteed to satisfy the taste of the most demanding chocoholic, served neat and ready to be downed at one go.
  2. Churros. Sprinkled with sugar and topped with chocolate for the sugar rush.
  3. Chocolate fondue with fruits. For the health-conscious customers.
  4. Pancakes, crepes or crisp waffles to be dipped or drowned on chocolate. All in accordance with customers taste. 
  5. Aromatic coffee made from Ethiopian beans. Imported from Melbourne and created by Justin Metcalf, World Barista Judge.

Also, the Chocolate Brothers had stated that they had used premium butter for their products as well. Apart from their specials, take a look at a few of their signatures below:

Sizzling Brownie

A freshly made brownie served on a hot pan with ice cream sending a rush through your tastebuds and paired with a milk chocolate sauce to smooth over your tongue.

The thing about all of their brownie is that it is not the soft type of brownie. They are the crunchy, hard-block type of brownie which leaves a different texture in the mouth. I have a preference with soft brownies but I’m not completely weirded-off by the hard brownie. A lot of people from the party told me that they actually liked it.

Chocolate Sushi Crepe

Strawberries, cream, rice crispies and chocolate sauce all wrapped in mini crepes. The combination of a hot pleasurable sensation.

This is actually a nice way to eat fruits + chocolate together. Best for people who don’t want to mess up their faces with chocolate leaking out of their mouths (I mess up my face a lot. Pretty much still child-like whenever I eat HAHA). The fruits are freshly cut and you have some chocolates within the crepe wrap along with some crisps to increase the crunchy texture.

Volcanic Lava Cake

A moist chocolate cake which holds a delicious creamy filling that will drive chocolate lovers insane due to its rich texture and overpowering flavour.

Lava cake is my thing. I loooooooooove lava cake. When they pulled out 3 lava cakes with different ice creams, I died with happiness. My personal favourite is the vanilla ice cream (even though I’m a huge strawberry fan). The strawberry flavour has a stronger sweetness to it and kids would love it more.


My Plate

I grabbed a few things into my plate and hoooooooboy, the amount of chocolate dripping was crazy. My favourite? The fresh fruit with chocolate fondue! The fruits were so fresh, juicy and sweet! I am so tempted to ask them where did they get their stock from!

My verdict

My whole life was surrounded by different sorts of chocolates that the world can offer. While the premium kinds were off the table, I managed to try a lot of good dark chocolates as well as tasting milk and white chocolates on the way. Many would’ve known that my go-to lava cake is from Miru Desserts. Let’s use that as a benchmark to review this store since the price range is about the same.

Let’s talk about just the chocolate itself first: White, Milk and Dark chocolates. The chocolates are very thick and I find that they have a similar sweetness to it, even the dark chocolate. Belgian Chocolates are characteristically more buttery, medium sweet with medium bitterness (Santa Barbara Chocolate), so it is not surprising that even the dark chocolate has more sweetness but less bitterness than most of the other dark chocolates out there. These would be suitable for children who are used to chocolates from regular brands such as Cadbury, Hershey and Ferrero Rocher.

I personally love the fruits and chocolate fondue because it makes a really great balance of that refreshing-juicy sweetness along with the rich cocoa flavour. It’s an amazing combo and I would have that all of the time. Their crepes were well made and match really well with the chocolate as well. The lava cake did not live up to my preferences because the lava didn’t flow out as much as I want it to be. I will still go back to Miru Desserts for the lava cake but Belgische Chocolatier really has unique products that you can’t get from other places. 

I will definitely go back there again for the fruits, crepe and chocolate. Would recommend you to go try as well! Did you know, if you’re a student, you can get like 30% discount?? You just need to show your student card and “BAMM!” discounted desserts!


Of course, they have lots of other options and beverages as well. If you are curious, you can check out the image carousel below for their menu:

Belgische Chocolatier wants every customer to have a memorable experience with them with exported Belgium chocolate for the chocolate-holics and even for those who are not as invested into chocolate with fruit-based products and flavourful drinks. Their staffs will tend to your every need, making you feel warm and welcomed especially during a personal special occasion.

On top of that, you can also host any parties in their outlet. They are very happy to help you with everything, even finding a full meal caterer! If you’re dining in, don’t forget to use your student card for that 30% discount!

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